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Chat Live with gurmeetkals - Karmic Astrology and Vedic Astrology in Łódź today. 20-25 years of practice and competence in Vedic Astrology. FEED-BACKS=Thanks for miracle you did, you turn my life around. you are BEST CLAIRVOYANT, MEDIUM, DISTANCE HEALER, LOVE EXPERT. Spirit Mirror Secrets Planets Ancient Himalayan Secrets Attract Money Remedies ,God Willing Force This man has a heart of gold. So gifted by God that with his powers he can help anyone in their troubles. Thank you so much for resting my mind. Sandra -xo Five Stars all the way !! ) With God’s Blessings, I have been able to predict thousands of correct reading around the world. Showing right path to people makes my capabilities stronger every time. I do not perceive myself for anything, It is God who concludes every ones actions.. Anyone who asks me with a pure clean heart surely gets the right answer. My capabilities come from an unknown source which has given correct answers & solved the unresolved issues of people of all backgrounds. I have been able to help thousands of people from masses to the celebrities. People call me with different holy names, its God who does it, I am just a medium, don’t thank me thank God, because he does it, I am just a medium. I believe in Karmic Cycle and suggest all those who come for healing to me, that I will only heal if GOD permits me to do so, otherwise I say no, if it is not his will. Those who come to me are the chosen ones to be healed or receive a divine message, as their bad karmas of past lives or this life are over, when they are healed or shown the right direction as it is not me who is doing it, but your own good karmas are at work.. God sends them to me to perform my duty in this life & heal those who are chosen by him, after solving each case when I close my eyes I see bright glowing lights , which increase my capabilities much more. Psychic Preparation I became aware of my abilities at a very young age. When I was younger, my ability felt as though it was curse rather than a gift. I was able to pick up on other peoples feeling and thoughts which was not something a young person, could easily handle… When you’re a child/adolescent or even a young adult, trying to deal with your own feelings and emotions is hard enough, let alone everyone else’s … I went to Himalayas at a very young age for meditation, where my abilities were recognized by the monks when I healed an old man from fever, just by my touch. They blessed me with meditation techniques which I still use for Distance healing & predictions. When I came back from Himalayas,I healed & helped people & an old lady on seeing this gifted me with a tarot deck & told me its secret techniques.Since then I have grown every day with mystic knowledge of this world & beyond. TOOLS I LOVE 1.Tarot has been added to one of my favorite tools, which has given correct predictions all the time & the wonders. 2. I Possess a Smokey Quartz crystal Ball, which has shown me many wonderful things & predictions. 3. My singing bowl, which is 800 years old, is used when I need to heal, meditate & predict. 4. Pendulums I use are made of fossilized crystals & many other things which are rare & have strong connection with the universal powers. BUT I STRONGLY BELIEVE IN MY OWN POWERS BECAUSE ONLY I AM THE MEDIUM, TOOLS ARE LIMITED TO MY STRENGTH ONLY..AND SAME GOES WITH ALL THE PSYCHICS. my predictions create, my gifted tarot card deck plays a vital role. Areas of my specialization include ESP (EXTRA SENSORY PERCEPTION CAPABILITY, AKASHIC RECORDS) 1. Tarot card reading 2. Dowsing(pendulum dowsing) 3. Scrying ( Smokey Quartz ball gazing, water gazing, black obsidian stone mirror gazing. 4. Vedic Astrology (Kundali making, match analyzing, knowing the past, present & future in details with month to month predictions for the coming one year, analyzing planets in birth chart & remedies, mangal remedies , 5. Prashna Kundali ( Answer at the current time of asking the question as per ancient vedic astrology) 6. Divination with various techniques & objects 7. Contact with spirits & higher self 8. Pranic Healing / Distant Healing 9. Gemstone recommendation 10. Crystal recommendation 11. Numerology 12. Feng Shui & Vastu consultation & correction. 13. Palm reading 14. Rudraksha recommendation. 15. Power ancient vedic mantra remedies 16. Powerful ancient Indian & Chinese yantras & talismans recommendations 17. Cleansing & healing antique objects, haunted houses, possessed people, gemstones & crystals. RULES 1.ANY MEMBER WHO TRIES TO USE A FAKE CARD FOR MAKING PAYMENT OR IN CASE OF ANY KIND OF CHARGE-BACK IT WILL BE PERMANENTLY BANNED & WILL NOT BE ABLE TO USE ANY CARD FOR MAKING PAYMENT ON ORANUM IN FUTURE 2. PERSONAL QUESTIONS ARE ONLY ANSWERED IN PRIVATE CHAT 3. MY FREE CHAT ROOM IS CHARGED WITH STRONG PRANIC POWERS,ONLY ENTER IF YOU NEED HELP GENUINELY 4.. DO NOT INTERRUPT WHEN SOME ONE IS DISCUSSING ANYTHING 5. NO QUESTIONS RELATED TO DEATH WILL BE ANSWERED 6.RESPECT EVERYONE IN MY CHAT ROOM OR YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO ENTER AGAIN 8. FREE READINGS ONLY DURING DEMO. NOTE . YOU CAN ASK YOUR QUESTION, IN FREE CHAT AREA & THEN COME IN PRIVATE CHAT AREA FOR ANSWERS & SOLUTIONS, WHICH SAVES YOUR TIME TILL I GET CONNECTED & ANSWER YOU AT THE EARLIEST. GOD BLESS...

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